For us, and for you, it’s not about the web design or the branding…
… It’s about your organisation!

So that’s where we’ll start when it comes to your web design and branding needs: We know more about people and churches than we do about web design!

We know it can be difficult to learn a new trade whilst trying to do your job.

We know it can be difficult for churches and charities to find volunteers who are willing and able to create and maintain websites.

We know that it can seem impossible to compete with companies who are able to buy expensive web services.

But we also believe that it shouldn’t be difficult or expensive to have a good web presence!

Marc has been in churches his whole life…
Working in them for the last 16 years… 
And wants to help more get online!

What started as a personal challenge to see if he could make an attractive, user-friendly website for his church has turned into a desire to help more churches, charities and small business have a meaningful online presence.