You may already be sorted but in our experience as both consumers and designers logos, fonts, colours, themes and imaging are all really important when it comes to making your organisation stand out in peoples’ memories. Part of the support we want to give to the people we work alongside is to create a consistent, recognisable and usable package of what fonts, colours and shapes work for your brand.



A simple and brand related design is important… Books seemed a good place to start!


Drawing from the identity of the organisation… “Methodist Red”, the Orb, and the North-East quadrant!


Inverting colours and using blank spaces… Means I have something to use online, and more printer friendly!

Social Media

Once you’ve got a brand, we can help you to use it widely and make your posts recognisable and signpost to your organisation.

Let’s build something together.

You may already have your branding sorted, but we can work with it to make sure that colours and fonts are accessible and help people to associate your organisation with all of your media.

Once we’ve discovered the fonts and colours that work for you we can help you get to grips with a variety of free programmes to help you in creating a unique and recognisable branding setup across your organisation, from logos to letterheads and beyond.